The first Kinetic Sculpture Race was held in 1969 in Ferndale, California. And in 2016, it made its way to the lovely Downtown Lowell, Massachusetts. The rest was history.


Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race is an organization whose mission is to host and produce an annual kinetic sculpture race within the city of Lowell, Massachusetts. Kinetic sculptures are all-terrain, human-powered, art sculptures made from repurposed materials and engineered to race over road, water, mud and sand. LKSR strives to inspire the engineers and visionaries of the future by promoting the synthesis of the STEM fields, the arts, disruptive innovation, and physical activity.


The race is open to all ages and works with the students of local universities, high schools, vocational schools, and after-school programs. LKSR is the only race of this kind in New England, and not only expands the artistic diversity of Lowell, but reinforces it as a hub of innovation. 

On September 24th, 2016, Lowell experienced its first kinetic sculpture race. It was an unforgettable day filled with feats of engineering traversing the city’s streets, battling a mud pit, and navigating the Merrimack River. An estimated 3500 people attended this free, family-friendly event that included not only the race, but activities for kids and families, live bands, food trucks, and a theatrical opening ceremony, all held at three different locations throughout the city. 





Kinetic Sculptures are all-terrain, human-powered, art sculptures, engineered to race over road, water, mud and sand. Kinetic sculptures are amazing works of art; many are animated with moving parts like blinking eyes, opening mouths, heads that move side to side and up and down. These machines of art are usually made from what some people consider “junk” or better put, recycled materials. Each kinetic team has a theme and consist of pilots, pit crew and support crew. Spectators are encouraged to either watch from the sidelines or follow the race on their bikes (obeying all traffic laws that apply). 


Race Start

Watch the theatrical Opening Ceremony and hang around for the Family Fun Zone, Activities and Live Music. Or choose to follow the race around Downtown! 

Maddening Mud Pit

Watch the racers trudge through the Mud Pit outside of Jeanne D'arc Credit Union; only the strong survive!

Merrimack Water Obstacle

Racers Tackle the Water Obstacle in a battle of sink or swim with Outdoor activities, Lawn Games, Food Trucks, and Live Music.

'Bone-Shaker' Alley

Racers make their way through the bumpy cobblestone street of Middle St.​


It wouldn't be a race without some friendly competition for some awards, right? And don't worry- there's an award for almost anything. For example, our coveted "Next to Last" Award. 

Race Finish

Racers loops back around to where they started and cross the finish line. Award ceremony begins!

LKSR Official After Party

+ Award Ceremony

Join us for a celebration!


Bianca Mauro


Michael Roundy

Race Director

Meghan Harrah

Race Development

Maxine Farkas

Grant Writer

Kim Little

Teams Coordinator

David Clark

Build Advisor

Lisa Corkum

Brand Director



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We are actively seeking people who would like to lend their ideas and creativity!

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Have any questions? Suggestions? We'd love to hear from you on how to make this event even greater! Don't be shy and send us a message, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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172 Middle St Unit 508

Lowell, MA